This Page showcases work we've completed for our Clients.


The following are logo’s we’ve completed but may have not been final or “Published.”

Monson Law Office

This logo was created with 2 variations for a Law Firm.

Rachael Pippin

This logo was created for a personal tutoring website.


This is a personal site of mine. I created a Hippo Logo to start, but ended with the owl.

RICON Industrial

We Created 2 logos for this company, the first logo is the one we ended up using.

P & J Machine Works

For this company, we designed multiple sites. We created 2 separate logos, but similarly themed.

Gebhardt Machine Works

This logo is similar to the above, but for a different site (Same Company).

Inflection Energy LLC

This logo is a re-make of the the company’s original. We redid a higher resolution of this logo adjusting colors and smoothing edges.

PiPs Design and Tech

These Logos, were created for our own site. The first is the one we ended up using.

WildStar Cribs

This logo was created alongside a fan site for the game WildStar.